Born in Bologna on December 30, 1996, and I spent a significant part of my life in this fascinating city until I completed my high school studies. Later, I made the decision to move to Rome to pursue my passion for product\interior design. Currently, I find myself here, immersing myself in studying and exploring new creative solutions.
Photography has always been an integral part of my life. I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries, exploring diverse cultures and capturing unique moments through my lens. Each shot is an opportunity to tell a visual story and capture the essence of the places I have visited.
Alongside that, I have developed a fervent passion for photojournalism. Through this art form, I have the opportunity to tell meaningful stories and document events or situations of social or cultural relevance. I enjoy immersing myself fully in the environment I am documenting, capturing authentic and emotionally-rich images.
My dedication and commitment to photography have led to significant achievements. I have been fortunate enough to win prestigious photography awards, which have filled me with joy and a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, my work has been mentioned and published by prominent international magazines, recognizing the artistic value and impact of my photographs.
Working as a reportage photographer has pushed me to be attentive and sensitive to the contexts I find myself in, respecting the privacy and emotions of the people I encounter along the way. I believe that documentary photography can have a profound impact, promoting understanding, awareness, and connection between different cultures and realities.
Each shot represents an art form for me, a mode of personal expression that allows me to share emotions, stories, and document the world around me. Whether through product design or photojournalism, I strive to convey a profound message and inspire others.
I continue to nurture my passion, always seeking new perspectives and creative inspiration, with the aim of creating images that provoke reflection, foster dialogue, and spread a sense of empathy towards the realities we document. I hope that my work can contribute to making the world a better place, through the art of photography and the power of the stories it tells.
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